Now enrolling for 2014 - 2015 school year

Little Acorn Preschool and Kindergarten, located in Vancouver WA, is sponsored by the First United Methodist Church in cooperation with the community. We appreciate this opportunity to serve families during their children's early years and accept the responsibility of offering them the finest in early childhood education. All children regardless of economic background, race, religion, or ethnic origin are welcome.
We do not provide a Bible centered curriculum, but do place emphasis on the universal values as defined by the following examples:
  • Teach that all life is to be valued and respected.
  • Believe each child is unique and we respect each child's timetable for developmental growth.
  • We explore the meaning of living together and teach that each person has individual rights that are to be respected.
  • We teach the children that the world is good and strive to develop in them an appreciation for its beauty and dependability by providing opportunities to explore, observe, ponder, and question.
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Mission Statement

Opening doors for children through play, nurturing and respect for individual differences.